Call for Special Sessions

Researchers who would like to organise one or more Sessions on topics falling within the scope of the conference are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. This should include:

  • The title of the session.
  • A paragraph describing the theme of the session.
  • Contact details for the Chair(s).
  • A short-form CV for the proposed Invited Session Chair(s).

An Invited Session consists of a presentation session of six to 8 or more papers on a specific conference topic, organised as half or full day mini-conference. We invite senior scientists who have a special interest in a specific conference topic to take responsibility for a Session, gathering papers from a range of research expertise around the world.

Organisers of Invited Sessions undertake to:

  • Select a topic of interest to themselves and to conference delegates.
  • Obtain six or more papers on this topic. If there are sufficient papers the session may become a workshop.
  • Ensure the papers are submitted through the POEM 2013 online system.
  • Manage the review process for these papers.
  • Provide suitable reviewers for the reviews of the papers and enter these on the review system.
  • Ensure the final versions of the publication files for the papers are uploaded onto POEM 2013 before the deadline.
  • Attend the conference and chair the session.

Please send your proposal via email as a single MS-Word or pdf file attachement.