POEM 2013


After the success of the 1st Conference on the Power Options for the Eastern Mediterranean region and having regarded the current developments in the field of hydrocarbon reserves and renewable energy sources in the Eastern Mediterranean region, the 2nd Conference on the Power Options for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (POEM 2013) will be organized between 7-8 Oct 2013 for exchanging new experience, knowledge and information on the above developments.

These developments include the second round of licensing of the Cyprus exclusive economic zone that Cyprus Government is negotiating with international key oil and gas companies. Also, Israel is now ready to proceed with the exploitation of its hydrocarbon reserves, which could give a temporary solution to the power generation system of Cyprus, by providing Cyprus with natural gas. Furthermore, seismic data acquisition searches in the exclusive economic zone of Lebanon have shown the probability of discovering large amounts of hydrocarbon reserves. In relation to this, the Cyprus Government has undertaken a diplomatic initiative for solving the political problem of the boundaries settlement between Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus exclusive economic zones. Moreover, the decision of the Cyprus Government to proceed with an international tender for the development of natural gas liquefaction terminal in Cyprus in cooperation with Israel will strengthen the cooperation with Israel for exploiting its hydrocarbon reserves and make Cyprus and Israel key players in the international natural gas market. As a result, new industries are expected to be developed in Cyprus, such as chemical industries, by using natural gas as a raw material and this will result in the opening of new jobs with a positive impact in the Cyprus economy.

Regarding renewable energy sources the new developments concern the discussion for the development of the EuroAsia submerged electric cable which will connect Israel with Cyprus and Europe via Greece that could help the further penetration of renewable energy sources in the power generation systems of Israel and Cyprus by selling this excess electricity to Europe. Moreover, the introduction of net metering schemes for households will help the further penetration of photovoltaics in Cyprus and help households to reduce their high electricity bills.

The goal of the Conference would be to (a) foster a regional oil and gas industry that can be influential in stimulating the region's long term economic growth and (b) ensure sustainable and clean energy production.

POEM 2013 Conference focuses on future challenges and opportunities for the Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas reserves and sustainable energy systems, as well as, climate change issues. POEM 2013 covers a wide range of topics related to oil and gas exploration, natural gas handling, renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable energy systems. Major topics and new trends will be introduced through forum discussions with politicians and energy stakeholders as well as through keynote lectures presented by internationally recognized experts. POEM 2013 provides an opportunity for scientists, engineers, technology developers, practitioners, policy makers and government officials to showcase leading-edge technology for future sustainable societies.

Special sessions on solar energy technologies will be integrated within POEM 2013 Conference. These sessions, which are focusing on the cogeneration of desalinated water with renewable energy sources electricity production, are part of the research program STEP-EW which is funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Program Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013. These sessions will include topics regarding desalination methods as well as operational plants in the Eastern Mediterranean region, thermal storage technologies with renewable energy sources and cogeneration techniques for desalination with renewable energy sources.


In an international dimension, the POEM 2013 Conference principally aims to become an important meeting point for ideas and knowledge sharing on the technical, economics and regulatory implications of energy production in the Eastern Mediterranean region. In this way, the Conference aims to act as a catalyst on the transfer of oil, gas and renewable energy technology advancements and best practices from developed energy markets to the region. Moreover, the Conference hopes to facilitate the exploration of future business opportunities between international and regional energy sector enterprises, in the fields of infrastructure, renewable energy and oil and gas projects.

Focusing on a regional dimension, both Conferences aim to provide insights into how local energy players can accommodate the sustainable use of the potential Eastern Mediterranean region's hydrocarbon reserves together with the penetration of solar energy systems in the power electricity generation industry. Moreover, they aim to promote the desalination solution produced from sources which are friendly to the environment, such as renewable energy sources. Finally, they aim to highlight the importance of research and development for the future of the energy sector in the Eastern Mediterranean region.


The Conference expects to attract a global audience of energy decision makers, energy engineers and technical specialists, energy industry leaders and experts, economists, academics and consultants as well as oil and gas exploration stakeholders.

In addition, participants will include manufacturers, investors and representatives from regulating bodies, energy utilities and academic and research establishments of the Eastern Mediterranean region.


The official language of the Conference will be English. All papers are written in English and the Proceedings are published in English. The presentations will also be given in English.


Each registered participant will receive a CD containing the full papers that will be presented during the Conference.