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07 October 2013 - DAY 1
08 October 2013 - DAY 2

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Monday, 07 October 2013




Opening Ceremony


Welcome coffee and Welcome notes

Chairperson: Prof. Ioannis Michaelides
  Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis, Mayor of Nicosia

Mr. George Shammas, Chairman of Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority

Mr. Charalambos Tsouris, Chairman of Board of Directors, Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Prof. Costas Papanicolas, President, Cyprus Institute

Mr. Akis Ellinas, President, Cyprus Wind Energy Association

Mr. Philios Zachariades, Chairman of Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation

Prof. Andreas Poullikkas, Conference Chairman, American University of Sharjah and Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Plenary session I
(Cyprus’s Energy Strategy - The views of Cyprus Political Parties)


Chairperson: Prof. Christodoulos Christodoulou
10:20 Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, Member of Parliament, Democratic Rally of Cyprus
10:35 Mr. Andros Kyprianou, General Secretary of the Central Committee, Progressive Party for the Working People
10:50 Mr. Angelos Votsis, Member of Parliament, Democratic Party
11:05 Mr. Pambis Christodoulides, Member of Central Committee, Socialists Democratic Party
Coffee Break
Plenary session II
(Cyprus’s Energy Strategy - The views of Cyprus Political Parties)


Chairperson: Prof. Christodoulos Christodoulou
11:40 Mrs. Eleni Chrysostomou, Press Officer, Cyprus Green Party
11:55 Mr. Demetris Syllouris, President, European Party Cyprus
12:10 Mr. Doros Paphitis, Deputy Spokesman, Citizens Alliance Party
Lunch Break
13:30 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Prof. George Karageorgis

EAC planning for renewable energy sources generation
Dr. Stelios Stylianou, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
Plenary session III

Special session: Energy policy and security aspects in Eastern Mediterranean

Chairpersons: Prof. Achilles Emilianides, Prof. Paris Fokaides
14:00 Energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean regional security complexes (Paper No. POEM13/168)
C. Adamides, O. Christou (Cyprus)
14:15 The Cypriot hydrocarbons and the European financial crisis (Paper No. POEM13/169)
C. Ioannou, A Emilianides (Cyprus)
14:30 The feasibility and impact of the Turkish-Israeli "Rapprochement" on the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean (Paper No. POEM13/170)
T. Tsakiris (Cyprus)
14:45 Escapades at sea: sovereignty, legality and machismo in the Eastern Mediterranean (Paper No. POEM13/171)
C. Constantinou (Cyprus)
15:00 European roadmap for energy and the role of Cyprus hydrocarbons (Paper No. POEM13/173)
P. Fokaides (Cyprus)
Coffee Break
15:45 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Prof. Paris Fokaides

Cyprus an attractive investment destination
Marios Tannousis, Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, Cyprus
Technical sessions

Special session: The use of data for power system monitoring and control

Chairperson: Prof. Elias Kyriakides

Special session: Impacts of climate change on electricity needs in the Mediterranean

Chairperson: Prof. Manfred Lange
16:15 From sensors and measurements, to data and applications in power systems (Paper No. POEM13/183)
I. Ciornei, P. Mavroeidis, G. Pieri, E. Kyriakides (Cyprus)
Anticipated impacts of climate change of electricity demand of Athens, Greece (Paper No. POEM13/174)
C. Giannakopoulos (Greece)
16:30 A power system controlled islanding scheme for emergency control (Paper No. POEM13/184)
J. Quirós-Tortós, V. Terzija (United Kingdom)
Small scale thermal solar district units for Mediterranean communities - The STS-MED project (Paper No. POEM13/175)
N. Fylaktos (Cyprus)
16:45 Measurement data aggregation in power systems – challenges and opportunities (Paper No. POEM13/185)
A. M. Dumitrescu, M. Calin, M. Albu (Romania)
Climate change and expected enhanced urban heat-island effects (Paper No. POEM13/176)
P. Hadjinicolaou (Cyprus)
17:00 Application of synchronized measurement technology in the Cyprus power transmission system (Paper No. POEM13/151)
M. Asprou, Y. Yiasemi, E. Kyriakides, Y. Ioannou, A. Petousis, M. Michael, S. Stavrinos (Cyprus)
Assessment of increasing electricity demand for space cooling under climate change condition in the Eastern Mediterranean (Paper No. POEM13/177)
M. Lange (Cyprus)
17:15 Dynamic fault studies of an offshore four-terminal VSC-HVDC grid utilizing protection means through AC/DC circuit breakers (Paper No. POEM13/186)
M. Hadjikypris, V. Terzija (United Kingdom)
A review of innovative measures to reduce energy consumption in the urban built environment (Paper No. POEM13/178))
M. Santamouris (Greece)

End of Day 1


Tuesday, 08 October 2013




Conference announcements

09:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Dr. Andreas Stavrou

Developments in power trains for wind energy converters
Prof. Constantinos Sourkounis, Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany
Technical sessions

Special session: Solar thermal cogeneration of electricity and water: The STEP-EW project

Chairperson: Prof. Aris Bonanos

Energy systems I

Chairperson: Prof. Theodoros Zachariades
09:30 Design of a solar thermal co-generation demonstrator (Paper No. POEM13/179)
G. Tzamtzis (Cyprus)
Impact of the Euro-Asia Interconnector project on the economic operation of Crete and Cyprus power systems (Paper No. POEM13/153)
A. Antoniou, N. Theodorou (Cyprus), A. Tsikalakis, K. Kalaitzakis, G. Stavrakakis (Greece)
09:45 Optical design of an integrated receiver and storage system (Paper No. POEM13/180)
C. Marakkos (Cyprus)
Action steps for refining the Cyprus national action plan on RES penetration for electricity generation - Should we reconsider? (Paper No. POEM13/158)
A. Nikolaidis, C. Charalambous (Cyprus)
10:00 Cost-benefit analysis for the installation of cogeneration CSP technology in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM13/166)
A. Poullikkas, G. Kourtis, I. Hadjipaschalis (Cyprus)
A software tool to evaluate the total ownership cost of distribution transformers (Paper No. POEM13/160)
A. Lazari, C. Charalambous (Cyprus)
10:15 Techno-economic analysis of a co-generation solar thermal plant (Paper No. POEM13/181)
N. Fylaktos (Cyprus)
Integration of quick charging stations for e-mobility in power grids of weak infrastructure and high impact of renewable energies (Paper No. POEM13/162)
C. Sourkounis, N. Becker, A. Broy, F. Einwächter (Germany)
10:30 Thermal desalination performance analysis (Paper No. POEM13/182)
M. Georgiou (Cyprus)
Coffee Break
11:15 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Dr. George Tzamtzis

The large scale integration of solar energy in UAE
Prof. Mohamed Gadalla, American University of Sharjah, UAE
Technical sessions

Special session: Current research at Archimedes solar energy laboratory

Chairperson: Prof. Soteris Kalogirou

Energy systems II

Chairperson: Prof. Alexandros Charalambides
11:45 Experimental investigation of the thermosiphonic phenomenon in domestic solar water heaters (Paper No. POEM13/187)
S. Kalogirou, G. Panayiotou, G. Florides, G. Roditis, N. Katsellis, A. Constantinou, P. Kyriakou, Y. Vasiades, A. Michaelides (Cyprus), T. Parisis (Greece), J. E. Nielsen (Denmark)
Design rules for autonomous hybrid energy supply systems for various types of buildings in central Europe (Paper No. POEM13/163)
A. Broy, I. Vasileva, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
12:00 Theoretical study of the application of Phase Change Materials (PCM) on the envelope of a typical dwelling in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM13/188)
G. Panayiotou, S. Kalogirou, S. Tassou (Cyprus)
Concept of energy extraction from sludge of a clarification plant (Paper No. POEM13/161)
N. Becker, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
12:15 Experimental evaluation of Phase Change Materials (PCM) for energy storage in solar water heating systems (Paper No. POEM13/189)
S. Kalogirou, G. Panayiotou, V. Antoniou (Cyprus)
Storage solutions for power quality problems of the distribution network (Paper No. POEM13/165)
A. Poullikkas, S. Papadouris, G. Kourtis, I. Hadjipaschalis (Cyprus)
12:30 Experimental investigation of the performance of a parabolic trough collector (PTC) installed in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM13/190)
S. Kalogirou, G. Panayiotou (Cyprus)
Technical and feasibility analysis of gasoline and natural gas fuelled vehicles (Paper No. POEM13/154)
C. Chasos, G. Karagiorgis, C. Christodoulou (Cyprus)
12:45 Optimization of Thermosiphon Solar Water Heaters working in a Mediterranean Environment (Paper No. POEM13/191)
S. Kalogirou, R. Agathokleous (Cyprus)
13:00 Evaluation of the solar cooling and heating system of the CUT mechanical engineering laboratories (Paper No. POEM13/167)
S. Kalogirou, F. Francou, G. Florides (Cyprus)

Lunch Break
14:30 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Prof. Constantinos Sourkounis

Analyzing energy policy options in Cyprus with a suite of energy-economy models
Prof. Theodoros Zachariades, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
15:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Prof. Constantinos Sourkounis

Building Integration of Solar Thermal Systems (BISTS)
Prof. Soteris Kalogirou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Technical sessions

RES systems

Chairperson: Prof. Charalambos Chasos

Special session: Current research at Cyprus Energy Agency

Chairperson: Anthi Charalambous
15:30 On the power control techniques of DFIG: From conventional to a novel BELBIC scheme (Paper No. POEM13/155)
M. Valikhani, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
Increase of energy efficiency in 25 low income houses in Cyprus – a holistic approach (Paper No. POEM13/192)
G. Panayiotou, A. Charalambous, S. Vlachos, O. Kyriacou, E. Theofanous, T. Filippou (Cyprus)
15:45 Operation of wind energy conversion systems with Doubly-Fed induction generators during asymmetrical voltage dips (Paper No. POEM13/159)
P. Tourou, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
Promotion of PV energy through net metering optimization (Paper No. POEM13/193)
M. Hadjipanayi (Cyprus)
16:00 Over-irradiance due to the presence of clouds (Paper No. POEM13/152)
R. Tapakis, A. Charalambides (Cyprus)
Production of biodiesel from microalgae in selected Mediterranean countries (Paper No. POEM13/194)
A. Charalambous (Cyprus), N. Gamal (Egypt)
16:15 Towards low carbon homes through energy renovations (Paper No. POEM13/195)
G. Panayiotou, M. Ioannidou, A. Charalambous (Cyprus)

End of Day 2

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