Conference Subject Areas

  • Advanced seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation techniques
  • Advances in oil and gas separation
  • Carbon capture and storage technologies and enhanced oil recovery for deepwater
  • Cogeneration of desalinated water with renewable energy sources technologies
  • Concentrated solar power technologies
  • Conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbons energy development
  • Deepwater drilling and completions technologies
  • Deepwater structures and system integration
  • Desalination methods
  • Distributed generation
  • Energy economics
  • Energy policy issues
  • Energy storage systems
  • Environment and climate change issues
  • Exploration geohazards and sea bed service
  • Global natural gas market outlook
  • Hydrogen production, storage and use
  • Hydrocarbons exploration strategies
  • Natural gas liquefaction technologies
  • Natural gas pipeline transportation technologies
  • Natural gas policy issues
  • Oil and gas reserves and economics by region
  • Oil and gas transportation cost and infrastructure development
  • Photovoltaic technologies
  • Power generation technologies
  • Power system economics
  • Renewable energy sources technologies
  • Renewable energy scheduling
  • Subsea completions and well testing and economics
  • Sustainable cities and regions
  • Wind technologies